A blank canvas

There are times when words don’t help you. Your emotion takes over the driving seat and there is no space for logic. You might say that it is a dark side, right? No, it’s a bright side, here your brain has surrendered to the almighty heart which perfectly knows what is right for you.

Lately, I couldn’t write much on my own blog and leading to much harder efforts on my own. Resulting in exertion. I was thinking that this is not working, but I was wrong. When I went out with friends and family each one of them was curious to know why I haven’t written anything in recent days.

It just blew my mind. I discovered that writing had become part of my personality and also the introduction. My friend’s parents knew me as a blogger, not as his childhood friend.

I felt like I am exploring a completely new world. Without even knowing I have made a mark for many people.

Here is the point when I was touched and learned the new fact of life. “What you do is not important, but how passionately you go about it is important.”

After months I turned back to this canvas and it felt like a glory. Felt like a blank canvas has so much to say and it just needs me to splash some ink on it. Well, it has been a long time you have seen something on this site but this time it is a new energy that is going to fill you with a positive attitude. Thanks to all the readers and well-wishers to be there with the team perspective. You are the greatest support that keeps us motivated to create and explore more content each day. This comeback is only because of you guys.

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