Celebrate not so success

In last blog post, we saw that we should keep one target at the time so that it is easy to achieve. Here lets us go to the step.

There is always a success or failure a person cannot have that I got 30% success and 70% failure that is not the way people talk. Moreover this is not the way you believe it. You got only two results success or failure.

This ratio is good for desk work not for achievements.

It is not necessary to get success all the time you work. Sometimes we hear, “I wasn’t lucky enough to achieve it”

Why this?

This is because you are justifying your work and efforts indirectly saying “At least I tried” and I appreciate the thought but only if you are working for others. If you work for yourself your statement is not appreciable. It should not be justifying, it should be investigative. For example “I don’t understand what went wrong!!!”

Here you activate yourself. You force yourself to think on to 3 steps

1) Identify the problem

2) Search for alternative

3) Execute the alternative

Ya, it’s a process that keeps you alive. Moreover it forces you to be open for different options and each time you do you find an option that is not right for you.

There may be some people coming to you to tell “that it is not going to work” but it is not necessary that if it didn’t work for them it won’t work for you. Be alert all the time because that is the main key to deal any kind of crisis. The other thing to keep in mind is that be in the present situation. It might happen that you might not be paying attention to the opportunity that you are waiting for.

As I have told in last blog focus on one thing but that does not mean that you cannot be open for other option. And you being open for options is not compulsory to act on it immediately.

This is where you just keep yourself ready for uncertainty and be open to deal it. If you are open minded with options revolving around you, you will have an edge ahead to the solution of a particular problem.

As you are now ready for the action for working on your own progress just go for it.

Believe statement:-

‘Believe that you are on the right path but be ready with options to overcome uncertain situation’.

Action statement:-

‘Be ready to work on anything where you think you are achieving something but do let your Failure build your hidden outreach.

Failing is not end it is a step that told you that is not a right path to achieve what you want and how you want.

Celebrate the success but even more important celebration of Failure keeps you ready for next alternative.

“If you know you gotta do this do it as it’s last time you can do it. This way you always give your personal best to each and every work you touch.”

3 thoughts on “Celebrate not so success

  1. exploremoreandmore May 3, 2018 — 10:25 am



  2. Shruti Anandpara May 2, 2018 — 8:09 am

    Awesome and very much true


  3. Good explanation, keep it up


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